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********NBA Headlines For August 2nd, 2001******** The Miami Heat Have Signed Kendall Gill                                                                                                       Gary Payton To Blazers Deal Is Dead The Blazers Sign Troubled Patterson                                                                                                       A Sign And Trade Deal Will Send Hakeem Olajuwon to the Toronto Raptors In Exchange For 2 Future Draft Selections; Dream Would Start At Center And AD Would Play PF                                                                                                       Paul Pierce Has Been Signed To An Extension With The Boston Celtics; $85 Million Over 6 Years                                                                                                       Vince Carter Has Been Signed To an Extension; $93 Million, Over 6 Years                                                                                                       Antawn Jamison Wants An Extension From The GS Warriors; $85 Million Over 6 Years                                                                                                       Derek Anderson Has Been Traded To The Blazers For Steve Smith                                                                                                       The Mavericks Have Signed Veteran Danny Manning

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Article: Jordan & Wizards

If Michael Jordan does return to the NBA as a player, the Wizards must not squander the opportunity by being satisfied simply with finally achieving mediocrity. They must go for the gusto, pull out all the stops, and take some risks personnel-wise. As usual, I have some suggestions for Washington in case of Jordan’s return.

But I also want to clear something up about Michael Jordan. There seems to be an underlying fear in the basketball world that Jordan’s comeback will be nothing more than a painful rerun of Mohammed Ali getting badly beaten by Larry Holmes, or of Willie Hayes staggering onto base after the rare occasion when he got a hit. I do not believe that this will be the case with Jordan.

First of all, Jordan is one of the most dedicated, hard-working, willful, and prideful human beings to ever play a game. Perhaps, the same can be said about Ali, but the two men attained different kinds of pride. Ali’s pride allowed him to think that he was never too old to win. Jordan’s pride prohibits him from embarrassing himself on the basketball court. Call it arrogance versus pride; call it whatever you want. But the fact is, unless Jordan believes that he can succeed (and that might not mean a 30 point per game scoring average, or winning the championship), he will not here to finish reading this brilliant article by Jared Tkachuk

The Lakers Are 2000-2001 NBA Champs!

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